What motivates teens to take drugs?

The reasons teens can try or become addicted to drugs can be divided into two groups. The first is the presence of any personality abnormalities or mental illness of a teenager. During hormonal changes in the body, manifestation of previously hidden mental disorders is quite possible. These character abnormalities can be congenital or acquired in early childhood. Adolescents with mental anomalies are very much affected by the environment. Incomplete or dysfunctional families, the lack of correction of behavior lead to increased mental disorders. These children are extremely suggestible and are easily susceptible to negative influences. The second reason that a teenager can start using drugs or alcohol is the age-related behavior. It is important to know that, as a rule, a violation of behavior precedes the use of alcohol and drugs. Children at this age are literally torn between the desire for independence and the feeling of dependence on elders. “Extra” control begins to annoy them, and teenagers are not yet able to make independent decisions and, moreover, answer for them. The tendency to imitate and group norms of behavior compel young people to demonstrate their “maturity” to each other, which is often accompanied by a violation of generally accepted moral standards.

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