What objects did G. Mendel work with?

– Mendel used different varieties of seed peas as experimental plants, therefore the offspring obtained in such intraspecific crosses was prolific;
– pea – a self-pollinating plant, i.e. the flower is protected from accidental ingestion of extraneous pollen; when setting the desired cross, Mendel removed the stamens to exclude the possibility of self-pollination, and then with the brush transferred the pollen of another parent plant to the pestle;
– peas are unpretentious and have high fecundity;
– Mendel chose simple qualitative alternative signs of the “either-or” type (purple or white flowers, yellow or green seeds) as experimental signs; Now it’s hard to say that the main role played here – luck or ingenious foresight, but it turned out that each pair of traits chosen by Mendel was controlled by one gene, which greatly simplified the interpretation of the results of crossing;
– when processing the received data, Mendel conducted strict mathematical accounting of phenotypes of all plants and seeds.

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