What peoples inhabited the Austrian empire?

The Austrian Empire is a state entity with a capital in Vienna; the name of the Habsburg monarchy from the moment of its proclamation by the empire in 1804 until the transformation into dualistic Austria-Hungary in 1867. The hereditary possessions of the Habsburgs – Czech Republic, Hungary with Slovakia, Carpathian Rus, Banat, Croatia, Transylvania (Romania), Galicia, Bukovina and a large part of Northern Italy (Lombardo-Venetian kingdom) inhabited by peoples of different origin and religion; Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles, Italians, Romanians, Serbs, Croats, etc. Germans made up less than a quarter of the state’s population, and therefore the imperial authorities sought to pursue a policy of Germanization. The policy of Germanization came up against sharp resistance from national minorities, especially those who, before entering the Austrian empire, already had a long history of their own statehood (Hungarians, Czechs, Poles).

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