What period of development of human society is the origin of agricultural production?

In the next era – the Neolithic era (New Stone Age) – along with hunting (for a horse, wild sheep, red deer, wild boar, bison, goat, etc.), fishing and gathering, the process of food production is becoming increasingly important. The first attempts are made to domesticate animals and breed plants, and the production of ceramics is emerging. Already 9-10 thousand years ago there were settlements, among the remains of which wheat, barley, lentils, and bones of domestic animals: goats, sheep, pigs are found. In different places of Front and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Southern Europe, the beginnings of agricultural and livestock farming are developing. Fire is widely used to destroy vegetation, to liberate the territory from forests in the conditions of agriculture, as a means of hunting. The development of mineral resources begins, metallurgy begins.

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