What physical qualities must be in place to ensure a high level of health and what are the ways of their formation?

To ensure a high level of health, a person must have a strong, trained body with great stamina and good speed data.
Under the power qualities understand the ability of a person to overcome external resistance or to resist it thanks to muscle effort. The following power qualities are distinguished:
• static strength (ability to hold gravity with maximum muscle tension for one time or another);
• bench press (moving objects with a large mass with maximum effort);
• high-speed dynamic force (human ability to move objects with a large mass in a limited time);
• explosive force (ability to overcome resistance with maximum muscle tension in a short time);
• cushioning force (manifested when landing in various types of jumps).
The means of developing muscle strength are various strength exercises, primarily with external resistance and with overcoming the mass (weight) of one’s own body.
Stamina is the most important physical quality of a person, which he needs in everyday life, professional activity and for physical education. This helps to maintain the set load necessary for life support and to resist fatigue arising in the process of performing work. Indicators of a person’s physical performance naturally change with age. During the period of physiological maturation of the body, they grow and reach maximum values ​​at the age of 18 to 25 years. Then these indicators gradually decrease. To maintain their sufficient level, you need to develop physical stamina.
Speed ​​qualities give a person the ability to move and jump at maximum speed, which is especially important in various martial arts and sports games. To develop these qualities, it is necessary to perform exercises that require energetic motor reactions, high speed and frequency of movement.

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