What problems of humanity does biotechnology solve?

Biotechnology – the use of living organisms and biological processes in industrial production. Microbiological synthesis of enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, etc. is being developed. Promising industrial production of other biologically active substances (hormones, compounds that stimulate the immune system, etc.) using genetic engineering and culture of animal and plant cells. Since ancient times, people have used biotechnological processes in baking, preparing sour-milk products, in winemaking, etc. The development of biotechnology is associated with the solution of global problems of mankind – eliminating the shortage of food, energy, mineral resources, improving the health status and environmental quality.
Biotechnology in medicine. In medicine, biotechnological techniques and methods play a leading role in the creation of new biologically active substances and drugs intended for the early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
Biotechnology in agriculture. The contribution of biotechnology to agricultural production is to facilitate the traditional methods of plant and animal breeding and the development of new technologies to improve agricultural efficiency. In many countries, methods of genetic and cellular engineering have created highly productive and resistant to pests, diseases, herbicides varieties of agricultural plants.
Biotechnology in production. Biotechnological processes using microorganisms and enzymes are already widely used in the food industry at the modern technical level. Industrial cultivation of microorganisms, plant and animal cells is used to obtain many valuable compounds – enzymes, hormones, amino acids, vitamins, antibiotics, methanol, organic acids (acetic, citric, lactic), etc.

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