What processes occur in biosystems of different levels of organization?

– Metabolism and energy conversion occurs at all levels of the organization of biosystems. The potential energy of chemicals absorbed by the cells is converted into kinetic energy and heat, which organisms use for life. In the process of these transformations, one type of energy passes into another, the initial substances of chemical reactions are converted into final products.
– Self-reproduction is one of the most characteristic processes occurring in biosystems. Self-reproduction ensures the existence of living matter on our planet in space and in time, that is, in different environments of life and throughout the history of the development of the organic world.
– Self-regulation is manifested in the ability of biosystems to maintain a constant chemical composition and the intensity of biological processes. The main feature of self-regulation is that regulatory mechanisms act on the biosystem not from the outside, but are formed in it
– Biosystems have the ability to self-development. At the body level, this process is associated with the implementation of the genetic program of the body and the influence of environmental conditions on the manifestation of its individual characteristics

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