What safety measures should be observed in the elevator?

When using the elevator, the following safety measures must be observed:
• You can enter the elevator car only after making sure that there are no unauthorized persons on the site;
• if there is already an unfamiliar passenger in the elevator called by you that inspires suspicion, you do not need to enter the cabin, you should wait and call the elevator again;
• if you find yourself in an elevator with a stranger who arouses your suspicion, do not stand with your back to him, constantly monitor his actions; when attacking, raise a cry, knock on the walls of the cabin, defend yourself in any way, trying to inflict significant harm on the attacker;
• if the elevator doors open, try to jump out to the platform, call for help from neighbors; when safe, immediately call the police and tell the signs of the attacker;
• Never use the elevator if there is a fire or smoke in the stairwell: in this case, the electricity may turn off and the elevator car will stop between floors.

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