What scientists have made a significant contribution to the development of ideas about the cell?

Soon the cell structure of plants was confirmed by the Italian biologist and physician M. Malpigi and the English botanist N. Grue. Their attention was drawn to the shape of the cells and the structure of their membranes. A significant contribution to the study of the cell was made by the Dutch microscope A. van Levenguk, who discovered unicellular organisms – ciliates, amoeba, bacteria. He also first observed animal cells – red blood cells and sperm. In 1825, Czech scientist J. Purkine discovered the nucleus in the egg of a bird. He also introduced the concept of “protoplasm,” which corresponds to the current concept of cytoplasm. In 1831, the English botanist R. Brown first described the nucleus in plant cells, and in 1833 he came to the conclusion that the nucleus is an essential part of the plant cell.

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