What successes in industrial development did the United States make? How can you explain the rapid economic development?

The gigantic territory of the United States required the creation of a convenient transport network and fast means of communication. Back in 1807, an Irish self-taught engineer Robert Fulton built a paddle steamer “Claremont”, which was powered by a 20 horsepower steam engine. The Claremont completed its first flight on the Hudson River from New York to Albany (270 km) in 32 hours, sailing against the current and with a strong headwind. In the late 1810s, river and sea shipping services began to develop rapidly in the country. Numerous canals were built connecting the main American rivers with each other and with the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1819 the steamer “Savannah” made the world’s first transatlantic voyage (ie across the entire Atlantic) and in 26 days delivered a cargo of cotton from the USA to Great Britain. active construction of railways was launched throughout the country. This contributed to both the strengthening of the domestic market and the movement of immigrants to the western regions.

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