What territories formed the Habsburg monarchy?

Habsburg monarchy (Habsburg empire, Danube monarchy or Austrian monarchy) is an unofficial name for a conglomerate of states under the rule of the Austrian branch of the Habsburg dynasty. It is usually used in relation to the period from 1526, when the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand I occupied the thrones. Czech Republic and Hungary, until 1804, when the Austrian Empire was formed. The term “Habsburg monarchy” can also be used in a broader sense in relation to the period from 1276 (the beginning of the rule of the Habsburgs in Austria) to 1918 (the collapse of the territories under the rule of the Habsburgs did not have a single official name. The name Habsburg Empire is also broad used to indicate the totality of state entities under the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Habsburg, including Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, Franche-Comté, Lombardy, the Kingdom of Naples, Sicily, Sardinia and the American possessions of Spain.

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