What types of competition do you know?

Intraspecific competition is competition between representatives of one or more populations of a species. Goes for resources, intra-group dominance, females / males, etc.
Interspecific competition is competition between populations of different types of non-adjacent trophic levels in a biocenosis. It is due to the fact that representatives of different species together use the same resources, which are usually limited. Resources can be both food (for example, the same species of victims from predators or plants – from phytophages), and of another kind, for example, the availability of places for breeding offspring, shelters for protection from enemies, etc. Species can compete for dominance in the ecosystem. There are two forms of competitive relationships: direct competition (interference) and indirect (exploitation). With direct competition between species populations in a biocenosis, antagonistic relationships (antibiosis) are evolving, expressed by different types of mutual oppression (fights, blocking access to the resource, allelopathy, etc.). In indirect competition, one of the species monopolizes the resource or habitat, while worsening the conditions for the existence of a competitive species of a similar ecological niche.

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