What types of computer viruses do you know?

Polymorphic virus (mutant) – viruses that modify their code every time a new copy of the virus is created.
A Trojan horse is a program that disguises itself as legitimate software, but at the same time performs various malicious actions.
Spyware is a product installed or infiltrated on a computer without the consent of its owner, with the aim of gaining almost complete access to the computer, collecting and tracking personal or confidential information.
Phishing is a mailing list aimed at obtaining confidential financial information. Such a letter, as a rule, contains a link to a website that is an exact copy of the Internet bank or other financial institution.
Stealth virus (invisible) viruses that hide their presence in the system.
Macrovirus – viruses that infect documents in office applications.
A network worm is a type of virus that does not carry any harmful load, except for self-propagation, thereby gargling memory and, as a result, slowing down the operation of the operating system.
A zombie is a virus that, after penetrating a computer connected to the Internet, is controlled from the outside and used by cybercriminals to organize attacks on other computers.
To prevent infection, you must install anti-virus programs, do not run programs obtained from dubious sources.

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