What types of fractures exist and how to provide first aid for them?

Fractures are open and closed.
An open fracture is a fracture in which there is a wound in the fracture zone and the fracture region communicates with the external environment. It can be life threatening due to the development of traumatic shock, loss of blood, infection. With an open fracture, it is necessary:
• stop bleeding and treat the edges of the wound with an antiseptic;
• apply a sterile dressing to the wound in the fracture area;
“Give the victim an analgesic;
• immobilize (immobilize) the limb in the position in which it was at the time of damage;
• take the victim to a medical facility.
With open fractures, transport the victim to a medical facility on a stretcher in a supine position.
A closed fracture is a fracture in which there is no wound in the fracture zone.
With a closed fracture, it is necessary:
• immobilize (immobilize the fracture site);
• give the victim an anesthetic and put a cold in the injury site;
• take the victim to a medical facility.

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