What types of hardening do you know?

For hardening, natural factors are most often used: air, water, solar radiation.
Air baths – healing procedures that are recommended for use throughout life. Depending on the thermal sensations, these baths are divided into thermal (above +22 ° С), indifferent (from +21 to +22 ° С), cool (from +17 to +20 ° С), moderately cold (from +9 to + 16 ° C), cold (from 0 to +8 ° C) and very cold (below 0 ° C).
Water is also an excellent hardening agent, as it combines cooling, heating and mechanical properties. The most common and affordable methods of water quenching are:
• hardening of the nasopharynx;
• pouring feet;
• foot baths;
• contrast foot baths;
• wiping with a damp terry towel;
• dousing with water;
• Shower;
• swimming in open waters;
• bathing procedures.
Sun baths, especially those taken in motion and in combination with air baths, have a high healing effect. However, taking these baths must be properly dosed, avoiding overheating of the body.
Contraindications for sunbathing are acute inflammatory diseases, increased irritability of the nervous system and some other diseases that require medical supervision.

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