What was the name of the particle with the smallest charge? What do you know about the charge and mass of an electron?

The particle with the smallest charge is called an electron. The mass of the electron is 9.1 * 10 (in – 31 degrees) kg. Electron charge – 1.6 * 10 (-19 degrees) Cl.
An electron has mass, it is so small that, for example, it is not taken into account in chemistry, but for physics this is an important parameter:
1. An electron roughly weighs 0.000548579909067 (14) (9) (2) atomic units of mass.
2. The mass of an electron is equal to 1/1838 of the mass of the lightest of the existing atoms – the hydrogen atom.
3. The energy that is contained in the mass of an electron is 0.000 511 GeV. This is approximately 200,000 times more energy than a single green photon carries.

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