What was the reason for the uprising in Paris in March 1871, and the transfer of power into the hands of the Commune?

The city authorities armed all this little-controlled mass back in September 1870, when the Prussian troops were near Paris. Meanwhile, the authorities, in connection with the actual end of the war, stopped paying salaries to the guards. They were asked to surrender their weapons and return to their main job. But the guards responded with a decisive refusal. The matter was complicated by the fact that the authorities could not get the rent from the Parisians, which they simply stopped paying from the beginning of the war, on March 4 the government announced that in two weeks the defaulters would be evicted from their apartments. But when this date came, on the night of March 18, an uprising broke out in Paris. The townspeople, together with the guards, drove the government troops out of the capital. Power passed into the hands of the city government – the Commune.

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