What were the main ideas of liberalism and conservatism? What are the common features and differences between them?

The differences between liberals and conservatives came from different ideas about a person and society. Liberals declared that man is a rational and active being, he is able to decide his own destiny, you just need to give him freedom. Conservatives believed that man is by nature weak and sinful, he cannot use freedom. Therefore, they opposed the principle of freedom to the principle of order, and the belief in progress – the importance of tradition, which has been tested by the experience of many generations. Liberals prioritized personal success — conservatives called it selfishness. The liberals extolled competition – the conservatives believed it destroyed relationships between people. In pursuit of personal profit, people violate morality, the strong do not reckon with the weak. In the political sphere, respectively, the liberals stood for reforms, and the conservatives for the preservation of the foundations of the existing political and social.

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