What were the main provisions of the electromagnetic picture of the world?

1. If an alternating electric field arises in space, then it generates an alternating magnetic field, and vice versa. A variable or moving field is created only by moving charges. If there is no movement of electric charges, then there will be no magnetic field either. Consequently, static electric and magnetic fields that do not change in space and over time do not create a single electromagnetic field. Only when we are dealing with moving electric and magnetic charges, i.e. with alternating fields, interaction occurs between them and a single electromagnetic field appears.
2. The force arising under the influence of current (electric charge moving along the conductor) depends on the speed of movement of the electric charge and is directed perpendicular to the plane of this movement.
3. The laws of describing changes in the state of the electromagnetic field in time and space are based on the equations of J. Maxwell.

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