What’s new in people’s lives during the Neolithic Revolution?

1) a sharp acceleration in the further development of production and culture
2) the emergence of housing and economic construction
3) production of varied and high quality stone tools, ceramic vessels for storing and preparing food
4) invention of spinning and weaving, followed by the production of various garments

During this period, a bow and arrow, various traps, traps were invented. Another invention was the boomerang, which had the property of returning back when thrown unsuccessfully (not hitting prey). People built boats and rafts on which they sailed not only along rivers and lakes, but also went out to sea. For cutting the ears of cereal crops, people invented a special tool – the sickle. A groove was hollowed out along the inner surface of a curved wooden stick or bone, sharpened pebbles 1 – 2 cm in size (microliths) were inserted into it close to each other, and everything was fixed with resin or concrete. If one of the microliths broke or fell out, it could easily be replaced with another, since they were made the same, in the form of trapezoids or triangles. Later, microliths began to be used to make compound knives, swords, axes, and spears.

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