When did the United States lose its qualitative superiority in armaments over the USSR?

The arms race between the USSR and the USA was about superiority in the field of atomic and nuclear weapons, as well as in the means of their delivery. Huge funds were allocated for these developments from the budgets of the countries. The best scientific forces were directed into this area. Initially, the United States was the leader in the arms race. They already had atomic weapons. The Soviet military – industrial complex (MIC) made every effort to create its own atomic bomb. Several engineering solutions were obtained by Soviet intelligence but secret channels. But these data would not have helped without the best scientific minds of the USSR. Soviet scientists came close to creating atomic weapons on their own. Already in 1949, the USSR tested its own atomic bomb. Then, in 1952, the United States tested a nuclear device in which an atomic bomb played the role of a fuse, the explosion power was enormous. But in 1953, the USSR also tested its nuclear bomb. From that moment on, the forces of the two nuclear powers were equal.

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