When is medical attention needed to prevent the threat of infection?

Medical assistance to prevent the threat of wound infection is necessary in the following cases:
• if the wound is wide and its edges cannot be connected with a bandage;
• if the wound was obtained as a result of a bite of an animal or person;
• if the wound is lacerated;
• if the joint or fingers are affected, that is, there is an increased risk of infection and the rapid spread of infection;
• if the wound is very painful, it caused numbness of the adjacent area of ​​the body or tingling;
• if the wound is received as a result of a bone fracture;
• if the wound leads to impaired function of the limb or part of the body;
• if there is a wound on the face, chest or back, that is, in the immediate vicinity of vital organs;
• if there is a risk of tetanus infection or the wound cannot be thoroughly washed;
• if the artery is torn.

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