Which states of Southeast Asia have left us the most remarkable architectural monuments? In what centuries were they built?

The Borobudur Temple on Java Island was built in the kingdom of Shailendra at the end of the 8th century. The Banteay Srei temple was built in the state of Cambodia in the 10th century. Later, more magnificent temples appeared in Cambodia; Angkor Wat (early 12th century) and Bayon in the city of Angkor Thom (early 13th century). The most remarkable monuments of Burma, Vietnam and Thailand (Ananda temple in Pagan, Shwe Dagon pagoda in Rangoon, Hue and Bangkok temples) appeared later – in the XIV-XVIII centuries, when the new peoples of Indochina – Thais, Vietnamese, Burmese – created their states, and “old” empires like Cambodia and Srivijaya fell into decay.

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