Who was depicted by the oldest artists on Earth? What do you know about the religious beliefs of primitive people?

Ancient artists depicted animals, people, and hunting scenes in the caves where they lived. Due to the antiquity of rock paintings, reliable evidence of the reasons for the creation and significance of cave paintings has not been preserved. Modern researchers have a number of hypotheses about their meaning; science has not been able to develop a common opinion about the purpose and meanings that ancient artists put into their works. Some scientists suggest that rock paintings were part of the rituals of “hunting magic” and were supposed, according to the ideas of primitive people, to bring good luck in hunting. Other scientists, based on examples of tribes that still live by hunting and gathering, believe that cave paintings are part of the shamanic beliefs of primitive people, and that the drawings were created by tribal shamans who entered a trance state and captured their visions, perhaps trying to get some special powers.

Primitive people had their own religious beliefs. They believed in hunting magic, performing rituals before hunting. They also believed in the existence of the human soul, which flew out of the body while the person was sleeping, and lived a life of its own. And when a person died, his soul went to a distant “land of the dead”, where it continued to live and hunt. In order to ensure the long journey of the soul to the afterlife, the ancient people put in the grave of the deceased everything that he could need in life after death: clothing, weapons, jewelry, etc.

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