Why and why is a careful attitude to nature and its protection necessary?

Man, like any living organism on Earth, is involved in a complex system of relations between living organisms between themselves and environmental conditions. Changes that occur in nature in the course of human activities, as a rule, adversely affect the person himself. Thus, a decrease in the amount of arable land due to violation of soil integrity and pollution of freshwater bodies leads to food and water hunger in several regions of the Earth. Emissions to the atmosphere, the ingress of heavy metals, radioactive substances, hydrocarbons into the soil and aquatic environment leads to increased mutagenesis and, consequently, to an increase in the number of oncological diseases in human populations. Dustiness of cities increases the frequency of diseases of the respiratory system and reduces human life. Some processes become irreversible at the biosphere level. For example, the formation and increase in desert area due to violation of soil integrity (Sahara) or a change in the hydrological regime (Aral Sea). The disappearance of many species of plants and animals impoverishes our world not only from a biological, but also from an aesthetic point of view. It must be remembered that a person will not be able to survive outside the environment and therefore he must take care of maintaining its constancy – homeostasis.

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