Why are early marriages often unstable?

Marriages among young people are often unstable for the following reasons. Often young people are unable to understand their feelings, to distinguish love from hobby, from falling in love. Many of them have a misunderstanding of the role of the family: girls and boys do not realize that the family is really a unit of society, and not a self-contained cohabitation of a man and a woman.
In many ways, marriages among young people are problematic from the very beginning, since they often marry in order to feel like adults, finally leave their parents, get more freedom, or to overcome parents’ objections and resistance to marriage and prove to them that they have love the real one.
Some young people seek marriage because they are afraid that the ties that bind them are not strong enough to withstand the personality changes that will occur with each of them in subsequent years. It’s like trying to freeze forever those relationships that have developed at a certain time, which, of course, is impossible.
Early marriages often interfere with continuing education and gaining a good profession.
Many young spouses begin a life together, mistakenly believing that registration in the registry office ends with the creation of a family, not realizing that this is only the beginning of a difficult path to its formation.

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