Why are elections needed in a modern state?

I believe that elections are an integral part of the existence of any state. After all, ordinary people cannot just take and express their opinion about the political situation in the country, the president, etc. Elections are a way to give confidence to a candidate, to fulfill their civic duty. The elections were created so that ordinary residents of the country could decide such an important issue. It is the president who must lead the country forward, develop it, and not vice versa. Indeed, in many ways, our life depends on his actions, and since the main population of the country is the common people, it is in their interests that the elected president or deputy should act. And only thanks to the modern electoral system people can choose such a person. And now our main task is to make the right choice. If there were no elections at all, we would have lived as in the distant past, when the ruler was not chosen by ordinary people, but those close to the authorities nominated a candidate who was favorable to them. Rebellions and wars broke out, because the ruler did not always suit the people.
We live in a democratic state where elections are the main pivot of democracy. Elections are the procedure and method of forming the institution of power in our country – the government – at the highest level (elections of deputies to the State Duma), at the regional level (regional Duma), at the local level (district Duma). And no matter what reasoning about democracy, if there are no free and fair elections in the state, as a result of which the composition of ruling persons is formed based on the results of the will of citizens, then in such a state there is no democracy.

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