Why are mineral fertilizers dangerous? What are the signs of poisoning by them and the procedure for providing first aid.

Mineral fertilizer poisoning most often occurs during agricultural work. When preparing fertilizers for use, the air of the working area is polluted with dust and fumes. In this case, hydrogen fluoride and its compounds are most dangerous, especially in conditions of high ambient temperature or in enclosed spaces. The substances contained in the fertilizers easily penetrate the fabric of ordinary clothing and can cause skin irritation. Severe poisoning occurs when mineral fertilizers accidentally enter the body through the mouth. In this case, the victim experiences abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, weakness, or, conversely, an excited state, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea are observed. Sometimes breathing and heart activity can be upset. At the first signs of poisoning, you must call an ambulance, and before her arrival take measures to cleanse the stomach. The victim should be given 2–3 glasses of drinking soda solution (half a teaspoon per glass of water) and, by pressing a finger or a spoon on the root of the tongue, induce vomiting. This procedure should be repeated 3-4 times.
In cases where the poisoning occurred through the respiratory tract, the victim feels a burning sensation and sore throat, he develops coughing, nausea, and pain in his eyes. It must be taken out to fresh air or moved to a warm, ventilated area and changed into other clothes. If necessary, it must be covered and warmed up and it is necessary to call an ambulance.
In case of skin irritation, rinse affected areas with plenty of soap and warm water, change underwear and outerwear.
In case of contact with chemicals, rinse immediately with a solution of soda (incomplete teaspoon in a glass of water). To do this, a cotton swab moistened with this solution should treat the eyes in the direction from the outer corner to the inner one.

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