Why are people attracted to virtual reality?

Throughout an essential part of the history of mankind, the phrase virtual reality could only indicate areas of dreams, images, or something like that. It’s not to say that throughout this story such a “virtual reality” did not attract people at all.

Indeed, “virtual reality” is able to completely capture in its power. This is especially true for adolescents. In adolescence it is very interesting to spend time on the Internet. Imagine such a situation. Studying guy at school. He is not popular with girls, he has extra pounds and classmates joke and laugh at this guy. He closes in himself, because of his age, he is embarrassed to talk with his parents and keeps the emotional problem in himself. And then he comes home, turns on his computer and plunges into the “virtual world”. There he can try on himself, absolutely, any image and become a different person. They love him there, they admire him. You see what I’m leading to. Many teenagers find it easier to live virtually, as in real life, they are faced with troubles and problems.

On the contrary, many religious practices are associated with visualization or working with the imaginative sphere of human consciousness, mystics from ancient times used dreams, situations of slumber, in order to send their own consciousness away from the current reality in other worlds. Such areas were studied in sufficient detail and, presumably, the researchers not only reached some heights in modeling such a virtual reality, but also managed to determine how such modeling can affect normal, perceived, let us say, by most people and on a regular basis reality. Therefore, virtual reality, which is accessible to people for a given period, is in many ways only a kind of technical continuation of a long-known sphere.

However, it is difficult to deny the philistine interest in this phenomenon, and the reasons for this interest are understandable. First, virtually no effort is required to experience a rather original experience. For example, if in order to feel the bliss and the presence of a higher spirit in the shamanistic techniques of ecstasy or some monastic practices, the adherent needed to know and do quite a lot, now almost anyone can go to the conditional lower and upper worlds of this universe and all that is required is for this a relatively small amount for the purchase of the necessary equipment, and sometimes in general there is the opportunity to just attend a session like movie screenings.

Secondly, virtual reality makes many of the problems that concern a person in reality also virtual. Of course, one of the most significant such problems is the safety of the human body and the possibility of loss or damage thereof in the process of everyday activities. Simply put, when you act in everyday life, it’s sometimes quite scary to even chat with strangers or even simply ride the subway when you find yourself in a space of virtuality, you can easily jump from the roof and not really care about the consequences and, moreover, even get some pleasure from specific sensations.

Perhaps these features are the main ones that attract people to virtual reality. Although such a name may not be entirely accurate, the term “different” would be more relevant here. After all, the experience of consciousness in reality always remains completely real or illusory, as anyone likes best.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.