Why can we say that “all people are relatives”?

Specialists from the pedigree society of Krasnoyarsk claim that all the people on the planet are relatives. They even established the degree of kinship of earthlings, all are accounted for each other by 14th cousins. And everyone in their ancestors has some kind of celebrity.
To the conclusion that all people on the planet are in a distant relationship, Sergey Mesyats came after studying the fate of more than 12 thousand people. He derived a simple mathematical formula that proves this. According to the theory of Sergei Alexandrovich, in each generation the number of ancestors doubles.
Thirty generations ago, that is, about a thousand years ago, far less than a billion people lived on the whole Earth. This means that as a result of mixing, all the inhabitants of Russia are related to each other by relatives in the 14th generation.

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