Why, countries of Asia and Africa could not resist the European expansion? What are the causes and consequences of European colonialism?

In the 19th century, the economic use of entire countries and regions came to the fore. This was due to two new factors. Enormous population growth has become an important prerequisite for the resettlement of Europeans in other regions of the world. He also forced to seek new resources across the ocean to provide the growing population with everything necessary. At the same time, the industrial revolution made the relocation of millions of people and the seizure of new territories technically possible. Industrial capitalism absorbed a huge amount of raw materials and mass-produced finished products. Therefore, as never before, a need arose for new sources of raw materials and markets in the colonies. The countries of Asia and Africa did not have by this time the technical and economic capabilities to withstand the pressure of the leading countries that survived the end of the industrial revolution.
The traditional societies of Asia and Africa collapsed under the influence of European colonialism. The main means of exploitation was unequal trade agreements imposed on local governments. Sometimes, a protectorate was established that maintained the independence of local authorities in internal affairs, but transferred foreign affairs and the army to foreign control.
The appearance of Europeans in Africa also had positive aspects. The centuries-old isolation of the continent is over. The peoples, more recently, leading a primitive lifestyle, became acquainted with the many achievements of European civilization. Schools appeared, modern knowledge and ideas spread, which already in the 20th century helped Africans, peoples of Asia in the struggle for liberation.

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