Why Cromwell pursued Levellers and Diggers.

As a result of the revolution, noble landowners were exempted from taxes in favor of the crown, merchants received the right to freely conduct trade, the church was subordinated to parliament, the king’s lands and churches were confiscated. The reform was carried out in the interests of the gentry and merchants, the emerging entrepreneurship, but not the common people.
The Levelers, led by John Lilburn, sought the responsibility of the House of Commons to the people, annual parliamentary elections, universal suffrage, and recognition of the equal rights of all members of society.
The Diggers, led by Gerard Winstanley, also sought the right to seize vacant land, wanted to work for themselves, not for the landowners.
Cromwell and his entourage no longer needed the support of small owners, so the equalizers were expelled from the army.

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