Why did Mao Zedong achieve the transition from the policy of the Eighth CPC Congress to the Great Leap Forward?

The policy of the 8th CPC Congress assumed that China would build a new economy gradually, at a cautious pace. The Soviet Union helped China very much with equipment, raw materials, and specialists. And, in fact, it was necessary to leave everything as it is, as agreed … But Mao Zedong decided to make a “knight’s move”, he was sure that if you purposefully strain all the forces of the people, then. it will be possible to quickly build a powerful industry that will provide the Chinese population with everything they need and turn the country into a superpower. He called this policy of his “the great leap forward”. It must be said that he achieved the transition to the “Great Leap Forward” due to the fact that in 1956 most Chinese were on the verge of starvation due to high taxes.

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