Why did the anti-globalization movement arise? What are its goals? What are the characteristic features of globalization?

It is no coincidence that an anti-globalization movement has emerged and is actively developing in a number of countries, advocating the preservation of national traditions, including in the field of economy and culture. Objectives:
-protection of the interests of various, and, sometimes, broad layers of the population.
– the fight against social injustice in various spheres of society in the context of globalization.
– putting forward demands on national governments and international organizations that influence the position of citizens.
Characteristic features of globalization:
1) Formation of a single world economic space;
2) Affirmation of the values ​​of democracy around the world related to the observance of human rights and freedoms;
3) Creation of the world information space;
4) Adoption of a single language as a means of communication between different peoples;
5) Unification of culture;
6) Consolidation of efforts of states in the fight against crime, world terrorism and drug addiction;
7) Implementation of joint scientific programs, including in the field of space exploration.

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