Why did the attempts to create democratic regimes in large African states fail?

1) An illiterate significant part of the population did not understand at all how democratic norms could be applied;
2) Preservation of tribal orders (tribalism);
3) The authoritarian policy of the leaders with the use of violence,
4) Defending the interests of the leaders only of their tribe, and not of society as a whole;
5) The poverty of millions of Africans;
6) Constant riots, clashes (interethnic, intertribal). Continuous intervention by developed powers;
7) The secession of the richest province of Katanga from the Congo, led by Moise Tshombe, led to sharp contrasts with the starving rest of Africa. In this regard, constant riots, performances.
8) Cannibalism up to 1979. It has been officially proven that Jean Bokassa, who ruled as president in Central Africa in 1966-1979. ate the meat of his executed opponents.

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