Why did the Dreyfus trial stir up not only France, but the entire world community?

In September 1894, the counterintelligence department of the French Ministry of War, among the discarded papers of the German military attaché in Paris, discovered a list of secret documents sent by one of the officers of the French General Staff. Suspicion fell on an Alsatian Jew from the bourgeois family of Alfred Dreyfus, an honest man and loyal to France, who was at the General Staff of the French army with the rank of captain. The handwriting of the letter found was similar to his. Captain Dreyfus was considered innocent by many experts. But the leaders of the General Staff decided that Dreyfus was the right spy. He was tried by a military court behind closed doors. The judges hesitated – there was not enough evidence. Then, with the consent of the Minister of War, the investigator prepared a false document – a note allegedly written by the German ambassador and exposing Dreyfus in collaboration with the Germans.

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