Why did the General States decide to proclaim themselves the Constituent Assembly?

The reason for the transformation of the General States (estate-representative assembly) into the Constituent Assembly (national authority) was the crisis of the royal power of France in the late 18th century. On June 17, 1789, deputies of the third estate, who considered the main task of reforming the state administration system, declared themselves the National Assembly. Some of the deputies from other classes joined them. Louis XVI did not dare to use force. Later, the majority of the clergy joined the National Assembly, and then 47 deputies of the nobles, led by Duke Philip of Orleans. On June 27, 1789, the king requested the remaining deputies from the clergy and nobles to join the third estate. Louis XVT hoped that conservative nobles would be able to keep deputies from making radical decisions, but at the same time ordered a twenty-thousand-strong army to be concentrated in Paris and around it. This was the first stage of the Great French. revolution. On July 9, 1789, deputies of the National Assembly decided to declare themselves the Constituent Assembly (Assamblee nacionale constituante). By that very person, he determined his main task – the elaboration of the constitution of the country.

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