Why did the rebellion start in Spain?

The virtual absence of government led to the mutiny in Spain. The fact is that in 1931 the monarch was overthrown there and the republican authorities could not competently carry out the social reforms that the people expected. The situation of the workers was very, difficult, and the peasants did not receive land. The country’s national minorities – Catalans and Basques – were also dissatisfied with their situation. And when the Spanish Socialist Labor Party (PSWP) left the government, the conservatives came to power. Because of this confusion in the government, due to the huge number of disaffected, strikes and armed uprisings began. Two political blocs, the fascists and the democrats, collided seriously. The so-called Popular Front (socialists, communists and left-wing liberals) opposed the fascists led by Francisco Franco (Francoists). The Popular Front received help from the Soviet Union, and Germany supported the Nazis.

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