Why did the United States come out in favor of retaining a seat in the UN for the representative of Pol Pot after 1979?

First version; It is possible that this was facilitated by the powerful support of China, which benefited from cooperation with Paul Pot. The fact is that Kampuchea supplied rice to China, and in exchange received the necessary equipment and weapons. China, in turn, bought military ammunition from the United States … Perhaps that is why, according to this chain, the United States advocated preserving the seat of the representative of Pol Pot in the UN.
The second version: the USA was interested in the experiment of Kampuchea, which was captured by the communist partisan army of the “Khemer Rouge”. There, millions of people were forcibly resettled by the authorities in the countryside, who were now supposed to live in “people’s communes”, in fact, it was the end. camps People had to work day and night, grow rice, drain swamps, dig canals. Many were dying of hunger and disease from the jungle and the fields. Many were simply killed according to orders from the center. National minorities who did not know how to speak Khemer fell under execution.

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