Why did World War II start? Could it have been avoided if Great Britain, France and Poland had yielded to Hitler’s demands in 1939?

The Second World War began because of the desire of fascism for world domination. It is known that Nazism was oriented towards war, towards the destruction of not only other states, but also peoples (genocide).
This war could have been avoided if all countries – opponents of fascism united and suppressed Nazism in the bud. But, unfortunately, it was at this time that the strongest countries in the world were fragmented, which, after the First World War and the Great Depression, were not ready to defend.
The Versailles system by force, they still naively believed in the power of international law. And some Western politicians propagated the “turn” of Hitler’s aggression against the USSR. Britain, France and Poland could not give in to Hitler’s demands in 1939 because they saw similar intentions of Stalin. They felt threatened by both Germany and the USSR. Fascism and communism – these are the two forces that strove for world domination.

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