Why does alcohol affect the liver and kidneys?

Ethyl alcohol and its derivatives have a very detrimental effect on the state of liver cells, gradually causing their complete destruction. A scar appears in the center of destruction, which is no longer able to perform any actions. Under the influence of alcohol in this body, the amount of vitamin A is reduced, and the ability to metabolize other components is also reduced. Over time, under the influence of alcohol, the liver becomes smaller, blood vessels shrink, blood pressure rises in these areas. It exceeds the norm by three to four times. In severe cases, the walls of blood vessels may burst, a person dies from internal bleeding.
Everyone knows the negative effects of alcohol on the kidneys. Alcohol completely weakens the human body. Due to the use of excessive doses, alcohol causes toxic poisoning of the whole organism. First of all, kidneys suffer from toxic poisoning. Alcohol affects the main receptors of the human brain, which cannot but affect the functioning of all organs and systems. Being the most important organ that helps cleanse the body of toxins, the kidneys are at the same time one of the most vulnerable organs. Drinking alcohol increases the level of toxins in the body. Kidney health is also affected by the environmental situation, stress, and the wrong lifestyle. The main problem is the load that alcohol has on the functioning of the kidneys. Toxins produced by the breakdown of alcohol by liver enzymes settle in the kidneys, which inhibits their function. As a result of this, a person has swelling of the limbs, face, and also internal organs. The kidneys and alcohol cannot interact in the normal functioning of the whole organism.

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