Why England in the 50-60s. became a “workshop of the world”, a “world cabman” and a “world banker”?

Reasons why Great Britain is becoming “workshop of the world”, “world cab” and “world banker”:
1) The country has completed an industrial revolution.
2) In the period between 1851 and 1881. Britain’s exports quadrupled: it exported cotton and wool products; the export of iron and steel and coal increased.
3) Great Britain occupied a monopoly position in the export of cars. Economically, it subjugated a number of countries to itself, since the use of the latest technology allowed it to produce cheaper goods that no country could compete with.
4) The British pound sterling has become the main means of payment between the countries of the world.
5) In the 60s and 70s. XIX century. in the country, banks grew rapidly, which mainly gave loans to other countries.
6) In the middle of the XIX century. there were about 5 thousand steam ships in Great Britain; she built ships for other countries; its ships were used by foreign countries to transport goods to the most remote parts of the world.

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