Why has Africa become easy prey for European colonialists?

Historically, Africa was divided into two main parts, which differed from each other ethnically, in terms of socio-economic development and in the form of political structure. North Africa has long been closely associated with the Mediterranean world. Its Arab population was characterized by relative ethnic homogeneity. Egypt, Tunisia, Tripoli and Cyrenaica were part of the Ottoman Empire. Morocco was an independent state. The social structure of the countries of North Africa – from the emerging capitalism in urban centers to the tribal system of nomads. However, with all the diversity of social orders, feudal relations prevailed.
The other part of the continent, located south of the Sahara, was a more complex picture. The northeast (northern part of East Sudan, Ethiopia, the countries of the Caspian coast) was inhabited predominantly by peoples speaking the Semitic-Hamitic languages. Negro peoples who speak Bantu languages, as well as various Sudanese languages, populated the vast expanses of tropical and southern Africa. A special place among African peoples is occupied by the population of Madagascar, belonging to the Mongoloids and speaking the Malgash language (Malay-Polynesian group).

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