Why is G. Mendel considered the founder of genetics?

G. Mendel possessed the most important qualities for a real scientist. Firstly, G. Mendel was able to formulate a specific question that he would like to get an answer to, and, secondly, he knew how to correctly understand and interpret the results of experiments, that is, he was able to draw correct conclusions from the results of his experiments. G. Mendel summarized the results of many years of work in the publication “Experiments on Plant Hybrids”, which was published on February 8, 1865. This article outlined the basic laws of inheritance of characters that formed the basis of modern genetics. Thus, genetics is one of the few scientific disciplines that have an exact date of birth. However, the work of G. Mendel was ahead of his time; they were appreciated only after 35 years.
In 1900, three researchers (Hugo de Vries, Karl Erich Correns, Erich Chermak) independently rediscovered Mendel’s laws at different sites. The results of the work of these researchers proved the correctness of the laws established at the time by G. Mendel. They honestly recognized his superiority in this matter and assigned these laws the name of Mendel. The year 1900 is considered the official birth date of the science of genetics.

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