Why is panic dangerous? When does a stampede occur?

Panic is a psychological condition caused by a life-threatening effect of external conditions and expressed in a feeling of acute fear that embraces a person or many people who are irresistibly and uncontrollably striving to avoid a dangerous situation.
Panic reactions in children “of women and the elderly are manifested in the form of severe relaxation, lethargy, general lethargy, and sometimes complete immobility. In other people, as a rule, they manifest themselves in the form of a chaotic movement, the desire to quickly get away from danger. A person often perceives a fire as a direct threat to his life. He has a desire to act immediately and quickly. A person loses self-control, begins to think only about himself, noticing anyone and noticing anything around. Moreover, he is already acting mechanically and, as a result, commits unconscious acts. All this leads to a stampede caused by a person’s desire to simply run away from danger, forgetting about everything and reckoning with nothing. His main goal is to get rid of fear.

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