Why is the formation of environmental awareness of paramount importance for the development of modern human society?

Currently, the impact of human society on nature has led to the emergence of complex environmental problems of the biosphere. They can only be solved by a society that learns to measure its needs with the possibilities that Nature gives it.
For the implementation of prudent control of the state of the biosphere and the transition to the level of the noosphere, it is necessary not only to know the structure and mechanisms of this complex and huge system, but also to be able to influence its processes in the desired direction.
But even a perfect knowledge of biosphere mechanisms and a clear understanding of what needs to be done will not yield real fruits in the absence of a certain level of maturity and culture of society. Here, the most important moment is the formation of a new social and environmental morality. To replace slogans such as “Man is the king of nature” or “You can’t wait for favors from nature, take them from her – our task!” must come the installation on a reasonable and careful attitude to that, due to which we only exist in Nature.
It is necessary to formulate such a strategy for the development of human society, which allows it to harmoniously combine its needs with the possibilities of maintaining the normal functioning of the biosphere. This means not only the widespread use of production methods (technologies) for saving energy and resources, but also a change in the nature of people’s needs.
We currently live in a society called the “one-time consumer society”. It is characterized by the irrational, wasteful use of natural resources. To preserve human civilization, it is necessary to build a conservation society.

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