Why is the period of Pericles’ reign called the heyday of Athenian democracy?

At the suggestion of Pericles, the state began to pay for the work of judges. When they met, they received as much money as they needed to live one day. Then they introduced the payment of some positions. Later, they began to pay those who came to the meeting of the national assembly. Thanks to this, further the poorest citizens had a real opportunity to participate in government.
Pericles achieved the establishment of a pension for orphans and disabled people. In none of the Greek states did the people have so many rights as in Athens.
A wide range of citizens of the Athenian polis got the opportunity to take part in state activities – both through elected offices and through participation in the work of the people’s assembly. The right to be elected was extended to all citizens without restriction. The introduction of payments for the performance of public functions created a real opportunity for the political activity of low-income citizens. The principle of freedom of speech was recognized and became a reality for any Athenian citizen.

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