Why was a civil war avoided in 1968 in France?

In 1968, France, in fact, managed to avoid a civil war due to de Gaulle’s correct policy. It was like this: first, students who were in poverty and who were forbidden to attend the opposite sex rebelled in France (these events were called “Red May” in Paris) , then they were joined by workers who wanted to be directly involved in the management of production. Thus the general strike began. At this moment, when the whole country rebelled, de Gaulle lost control over it. In these conditions, representatives of trade unions and the government tried to agree on improving the level of workers. They were promised a 15% pay increase and a 35-hour work week. It was not possible to agree on self-government and social transformations. The strikes continued.
De Gaulle wasted no time, agreed with the generals on support. Then troops were brought into the capital of France. The leaders of the anti-government movement got scared, they did not want a civil war at all, so they had to agree with the previously proposed conditions. It was the most bloodless end of a barricade confrontation in French history.

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