Why was the fruit fly Drosophila chosen as the object of study for the study of genetic patterns by T. Morgan?

The study of genetic patterns in the XX century. associated with the name of the American scientist Thomas Ghent Morgan. As an object of study, Morgan chose the fruit fly Drosophila, due to several reasons. First, the generational change in Drosophila occurs quite quickly (in two weeks). This makes it possible to receive a sufficiently large number of generations per year. Secondly, it is characterized by the presence of clear signs, various peg to the quality of manifestation; eye color, body color, size and shape of wings, etc. Thirdly, this object is easy to maintain and breed in laboratory conditions. And finally, the Drosophila karyotype is only eight chromosomes (four pairs), which made it possible to establish the relationship between the inheritance of characters and the behavior of chromosomes.

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