Write a description of the Mediterranean Sea, fill out the table

1. To which ocean does it belong? Atlantic
2. In what part of the ocean locat ditsya between what Mary Diana and parallels northeast between 35 and 45 parallels of northern latitude . and 0 and 5 meridians east
3. In which direction vytya NLRB on how many kilometers from west to east, 3,700 km
4. The shores of which continents are washed Eurasia and Africa
5. Islands and peninsulas Peninsula: Balkan , Asia Minor, Apennine Piraeus ;

Islands: Djerba , Sicily, Crete

6. What straits are connected but with the ocean or other sea Strait of Gibraltar, Bosphorus Strait
7. predominant and maxi mally depth 200-2000 m, 5121 m
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